Sustainable Development from a Pioneer in Green Building

The art of sustainable building means delivering luxury, elegance and durability while consuming fewer resources and reducing carbon footprints. To this end, Sixty Five Broadway has enrolled in the City of Toronto Green Standard Program incorporates the following sustainable features:

  • Electric Vehicle Rough-In Completed on Select Parking Units
  • Indoor Secured Visitor and Resident Bicycle Parking
  • Energy Efficient Smart Appliances and Fixtures
  • Indoor Air Quality Protections and Low Emitting Finishes and Building Materials
  • Green and Light Roof
  • LED Lighting & Occupancy Sensors in Common Areas
  • Rainwater Irrigation Systems & Low-Flow Water Fixtures
  • Advanced Building Automation Systems (BAS) to Optimize HVAC Performance
  • Building Envelope Features - Insulation Walls and Roof, State-of-the-Art Window Systems, and in-suite Heat Recovery Ventilators

In addition to reducing our carbon footprint and conserving precious resources, we recognize that the buildings of today must be ready to employ smart technologies which may improve resident quality of life, convenience and save time. Sixty Five Broadway incorporates the best available, tried and tested smart systems including the following:

  • Unlimited 500 Mbps Internet Included the CAM Fee at a Fraction of Retail Pricing
  • Automated Parcel Delivery Rooms
  • Smart In-Suite Thermostat Controls
  • Smart Lock Suite Entry (Keyless/Smartphone Suite Access)

Times Group is proud to be a pioneer in sustainable green construction in Canada. We have ambitiously pursued LEED® Certification for over fifteen years and we are proud to have delivered the first LEED® Gold building in York Region in 2012 and the first LEED® Platinum Residential building in Canada in 2017. We have been recognized as a Green High-Rise Builder of the Year by the Building Industry and Land Development Association and have received recognition from Enbridge, Tarion and other industry associations for our efforts. We continue to explore green and sustainable technologies and to deliver buildings today that will perform tomorrow.



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